The Boy Magician



The boy magician : a large number of the latest and best tricks carefully selected for the rising generation of conjurers

Herausgegeben von: by Dixie, Raymond; Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Erscheinungsdatum: 1922

Inhalt – The Boy Magician

Part I. The Latest Card Tricks:
I. Tricks with Prepared CardsII. Card Tricks with ApparatusIII. Mental Card MagicIV. Card Sleights of Skill
Part II: The Latest Coin Tricks
V. Parlor Tricks with CoinsVI. Coin Tricks with ApparatusVII. Sleights with Coins
Part III. The Best Tricks With Balls
VIII. Ball Tricks with ApparatusIX. The Latest Ball Tricks
Part IV. Clever Tricks with Eggs

X. Egg Tricks with Appratus

Part V. Up-To-Date Handkerchief Tricks
XI. Handkerchief Productions and VanishmentsXII. Handkerchief Tricks New and Novel
Part VI. Experiments With The Wand

XVI. The Use of and Tricks with the Wand

Part VII. Various And Drivers Other Tricks

XIV. Tricks with Artifices and  Apparatus

Part VIII. Spirit Tricks, Manifestations, etc.

XV: Tricks for a Spirit Seance


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